Y are people comparing the Y's? YMZ is a family show and YVA isn't

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ymz-launch-don-andre-children-women.jpgCome on now people, let's not take silliness even a notch higher. Why is there any sort of comparison being made between YMZ and YVA's? How can YMZ, the very new kid on the concert block be compared to an awards show that is for teenagers only and which has been around for more than a minute.

Okay, so they both begin with the letter 'Y' and both names have three letters...and there endeth the similarity.

YMZ is a show for the entire family - from 4 years old to 94; the other show is billed strictly for teens. Just take a look at YMZ headline act Silento's video for his chartbusting Billboard single Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) and you will get it. There are no age barriers in that video and that is the complexion of YMA.


YMZ is a summer show; the other event isn't; YMZ is only about the performers on stage entertaining the audience; the other event is all about pre-voting, red carpet, celebrities and handing out awards; after YMZ, the patrons go home; after the other event, patrons go to an after-party.

Actually the two events are as different as day and night and in reality they are: YMZ starts in the day, the other event starts in the night.

So, please, promoters, it's best if you guys just support each other and feed off each other's success.