International press gives Shebada attention as he is robbed in Florida

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shebada-beautiful.jpgThe hotel room of popular Jamaican Comedian Keith 'Shebada' Ramsey was broken into on Wednesday night.

This was reported by NBC Miami.

The television station in Miramar, Florida said Shebada's money and several important items, including his passport were stolen from his hotel suite; while he was in Miramar performing his hit comedy called "Bangarang."

Speaking with NBC Miami, entertainment consultant, Garnett Newman said "someone was walking through the hallway checking room doors and his door was ajar and they went to his room and stole his passport, social security and his keys for his vehicle back home and his home."

However, the comedian didn't let the incident put a damper on his performance as he went on to incorporate the unfortunate incident into his play.

"You must embrace all your failures as you must embrace all your risings so when things like this happen you must go on and further your dreams," Shebada told International Press.