Black Ryno hospitalised?

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blak-ryno-instagram-june-4.jpgFormer Portmore Empire member Blak Ryno posted a picture on his Instagram account that showed him lying in a hospital bed with tubes sticking out of his arms.

The recording artiste's face was a rictus of pain, and he had one hand over his face in an affectation of great distress, and the other on his chest. He captioned the picture saying: "When that stabbing pain hits u around the heart area a nigga know cigarette is #f**%$#y."

Most users offered sympathy and remonstrations about his smoking habits.

"Badman, low de cancer stick dawg and drink some bitters," one suggested.

Another offered: "Jah kno mi artist! Look how long mi tell fi stop smoking cigarettes mon!!! Cho hope u get well soon."

Ryno is known for the singles such as Real Stinger, Get the Paper and Bicycle.