Big fight bruk out between Amari and Dr Lovve in foreign

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gully-bop-and-amari.jpgWas it staged or was it real. We dont know.

All we know is that in the middle of a sober interview, A'mari threw a beverage and a bucket of ice at Dr Love.

Amari then hightailed it out of the restaurant. All we saw was her broad back as she fled the heated scene. As if that gross enough, things got more intense as Dr Love retaliated, punching A'mari's son squarely in the face as he sought to intervene.

The whole showdoeen was caught on tape.


According to Dr Love, the reason for the dispute is because of his alleged intervention in the relationship between A'mari and Gully Bop. He claims to have had no choice but to 'save' Gully Bop from what he calls A'mari's sinister wrath by sending a friend to "take him out" of the what he says was a potentially detrimental situation for him.

"Gully Bop did want to leave from around her because he was not safe where he was," Dr Love said. "Best thing me can do as another entertainer a see how best mi can help him."

So far, no charges have yet been laid against either party in the matter. Several attempts to reach A'mari for comment have proved futile.

Gully Bop returned to Jamaica from the United States last week, signalling an end to a rocky relationship between himself and A'mari.