A St Mary Mi Come From', returns

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capleton-airborne.jpgIt has been three years since Capleton staged 'A St Mary Mi Come From', the charity show he first held in 2000. He is confident of a successful comeback.

"It a go shot! Di people want it," he declared.

The 12th staging of the show is scheduled for August 5 at Grays Inn Sports Complex in Annotto Bay. No artistes have been confirmed as yet but promoters are currently putting together a cast.

"Wi talk to some of artistes already an' dem supportive. Dis is a show artistes an' fans look forward to 'cause is a family fun day, a pre-independence affair," said Capleton.

A number of schools, hospitals and organisations have benefitted from St Mary Mi Come From, including the Port Maria Hospital, Islington High School, Annotto Bay Hospital, Oberlin High School, and Haile Selassie High School.

Capleton is particularly proud of the computer room at Islington High School, his alma mater.

"It name the Clifton George Bailey (Capleton's given name) Computer Lab which wi really appreciate 'cause wi believe di youths mus be computer-literate," he said.

His manager, Claudette Kemp, said 'St Mary Mi Come From' deserves comprehensive corporate support.

"We are looking for a brand sponsor. We've had some good sponsors over the years but we would really love a major company coming on board."

'St Mary Mi Come From' takes place one day before Jamaica's Independence day.