Filming For Snoop Dogg TV Series Sparks Panic

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snoop-dogg.jpgDuring the filming of Snoop Dogg's trial for murder members of the public thought it was all too real and broke out in panic running a Californian park!

It was actually the re-enactment of his arrest in August 1993 in connection with the death of Phillip Woldermariam, a member of a rival gang who was shot dead by Snoop's bodyguard, McKinley Lee.

Both were charged with murder, as the rapper was allegedly driving the vehicle from where Lee had shot Woldermariam.

Both Snoop and his bodyguard were later acquitted, but the famous murder trial is now the subject of a documentary series "Rich and Acquitted," and a reenactment of the murder took place at a San Fernando Valley park.

Of course local police had information that blanks would be used to replicate the gunfire in the filming of the murder scene, pity the park folks didn't know! They were under the impression that a real gun battle had broken out.

"Rich and Acquitted" is due to cover the acquittals of Robert Blake, Oscar Pistorius, O.J. Simpson, R. Kelly, and Michael Jackson, and will air on network Reelz in September.