Family Park to be built at St William Grant Park

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family-park-william-grant.jpgThe KSAC recently broke ground with the CHASE Fund to commence the construction of a Family Park at William Grant Park.

According to Senator Mayor Brown Burke "The Family Park will not only be a place of fun, relaxation and togetherness, but will also re-emphasize the celebration and importance of The Family where parents and children, brothers, sisters,cousins, aunts and uncles, religious organisations, students and adults will come to enjoy the facility, and feel a sense of belonging, a sense of pride and a sense of love. Where children of all ages will come to play, and they will learn through play: developing social and cognitive skills as they learn how to be kind to one another, how to look out for each other, how to negotiate their differences; gaining self confidence as they master new skills and teach others what they know."

Mayor Brown explained that "This idea was born out of the necessity to have a facility for children and families in Downtown Kingston, where families living in close proximity wouldn't need to go very far to enjoy a world class interactive park with distinctively thematic activity and play areas that are 'attention-grabbing' yet educational."

The full project is estimated to cost in excess of $50.0 Million Dollars the CHASE Fund will take up a major portion of this project to the tune of $20.7 Million Dollars which will go toward the building of the Mother Hen Corner, Journey to Africa and The Seashell Amphitheatre.

The KSAC will be actively engaging other partners to assist in the funding to funding of the other themed areas which are:• The Mosaic Space• Reggae Avenue• The Main Family Monument• the Tuck Shop• the Walking Trail• the restroom facility Structural Engineer Scheed Cole will be responsible for the execution of these area.

"Over 95% of the material to be used in the construction of the facility will be recycled material and it is for this reason that we I am using this opportunity to launch our plastic bottle collection drive and appeal to residents of Kingston and St. Andrew and the wider Jamaica, whether at the

level of the household or large companies to donate! donate! donate! as many of your plastic bottles as possible to help us with the completion of this awesome project, approximately 3million bottles will be needed," says Mayor Brown Burke. Collection zones across the municipality will be announced very shortly.