Dudus now a Christian? Finds God behind bars?

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dudus-disguise.jpgAre we reading right? did Dudus' sister Sandy really tell a newspaper that her brother is studying theology in prison? Wow! Just Wow!

Well we haffi big up Sandy, Dudus, Livity and the big Man himself Faada God for this transformation.

Me hear one pastor preach a sermon wha day yah whe seh Massa God love bad man. Cause look pon Saul who was di baddest man and when him bukc Faada God pon di road to Damascus and ask him sey:"Saul Saul, why persecuteth thou me?" Saul did jus haffi roll ova and gi him life to God.

People like Dudus a dem deh tun inna real Christian. Massa God is not a man fi play wid.

We wish more a di bad man dem woulda puddong dem gun and tek up di Bible.

Dudus, Sandy and Livity, we a go ask Minister Judy Mowatt fi continue fi pray fi oonu. Walk inna di light. We happy fi all a oonu.