Disgusting! Calls for Marvin the Dancer to be banned as woman assaulted on stage

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woman-assaulted-by-three-dancers-in-a-party.jpgConcerned dancehall fans have called for Marvin the Dancer to be banned. This following his deplorable antics on stage recently when he and two other dancers groped and physically assaulted an unwilling woman on stage.

Here are some of the comments from those who have watched the video which was posted on Facebook.

"They should ban him from any dance session. From all women, because he doesn't know how to treat them. I am sick of his actions."


"Them bwoy deh fi guh dun Inna the jungle guh dance with the wild animals there. Cause that's how he is, he's a wild animal. Normal ppl don't dance like that."

"They should be arrested"

"I think the video should be shown to the police, I could see alot of crime being committed, the guys get abusive they were jumping on the woman and ripping off her clothes, they should be arrested."

"I spoke to them. They watched it while on the phone with me. He needs to turn himself in. Let's #MarvinTheDancer turn yourself in to C.I.S.O.C.A."