Cops investigating Marvin The Dancer

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marvin-the-dancer.jpgDancer Marvin 'The Beast' is being investigated by the police for his alleged dangerous dancing performances at entertainment events.

Steve McGregor, senior superintendent of police in charge of St James,says that the probe includes seeking to find out whether the Montego Bay-based dancer assaulted a woman of unsound mind during a recent dancing episode.

McGregor said that the investigations were launched following recent performances by the dancer. Some of his antics have been captured on camera and have been posted on social media.

"Somebody sent one of the [recent] videos to me and I viewed it. Sadly, we found the main female who was in the act, as well as others, and they are claiming to say it's OK and they were having fun. But it is my intention to call him in, though, and question him," McGregor said.

McGregor noted that in order for any charges to be laid against the dancer, a willing complainant has to come forward, and thus far, none has.

"If we find that these are the kinds of acts that are playing out there, we can persecute the promoter, the owner of the venue, and the person who is operating the sound system because we would not have given them permission to be doing these acts at the dance," McGregor said.