Alkaline's US visa not revoked

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alkaline-photo-8.jpgAlkaline's manager has come out and denied that he has lot his visa.

Last week Monday the deejays fans were really surprised by the news that his US visa had been revoked leading to a lot of speculations on what could have been the reason.

We are sure they are now breathing a sigh of relief that the controversial artiste is still welcomed in the United States.

The news which was circulated on various websites, spread like wildfire that he lost out on the visa as a result of his latest track - Save Yourself.

According to these websites, the song is politically charged and incites violence against homosexuals.

Kereena Beckford, the entertainer's sister and manager, told the Star that it was false news and perceives it as a ploy to create drama around the artiste.

"It's all rumours. This is just something created by some unknown people who want to start something. Alkaline is not having any immigration issues anywhere. Right now, he's in Germany and he'll be leaving from there to go to London and then Canada, and all his visas are in tact," she was quoted as saying.