Vybz Kartel's Gaza Vybz Rum hits the streets

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gaza-vybz-rum.jpgDancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel is tucked away behind bars, but his latestet venure, the Gaza Vybz Rum is free to run the road.

The product will be available in three flavours: Gold rum, white rum and a Fusion - a tasty purple-coloured combination of strawberry, melon and blueberry.

"We are going to hit the marketplace hard this week. Up move, Gaza Vybz rum mek mi cup move. We are already getting a lot of orders all over the island, and in Caribbean islands such as Trinidad," Gaza spokesperson Jefrrey Hype said.

The product will be distributed by Dain Dain Company Limited.

"We have also wrapped a bus to market and transport the product island wide," Jeffrey Hype said.

This is Kartel's second foray into the rum market. Vybz Kartel and Corey Todd had a successful partnership with Street Vybz Rum which hit the market in 2008. Bottled by KRB Lea Rums in Kingston, production was stopped in 2011 because of a disagreement between Kartel and Todd. Kartel and Todd patched up their partnership and resurrected the Street Vybz brand in 2012. But since then, Street Vybz went off market again.