Teetimus looking a hype by wearing nail polish

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Another day...another entertainment person looking a hype by doing something stupidly out of the box.

The latest in the series is producer/artiste Teetimus who made sure everybody knows that he wears nail polish. Of course, he got a big write-up in the Star, with the writer even referring to Teetimus as 'ICONIC'. What the hell?!!!

Do these writers even know the meaning of the words they are using? Teetimus has produced a few songs that have done well, but Teetimus is certainly no icon. Please, my colleague journalists, please choose you words carefully. Words are the tool of our trade, let's stop cheapening them like that. Please.

Anyway, back to Mr Teets and the nail polish.

But, then again, is there really anything more to say on this non-subject?