Shanique Myrie alledgedly beat her American husband Troy Pusey who she met on Facebook

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shanique-myrie-photo-1-better.jpgReemeber Shanique Myrie? The woman who got nearly four million dollars after she sued the Barbadian government over an illlegal cavity search and won the case.

Well, her estranged husband Troy Pusey, who she met on Facebook, claims that he was beaten by his wife, Shanique, who is now facing charges in Harford, Maryland, for assault. She is to go to trial on May 5.

Troy Pusey secured a protective order against Myrie which states that she should not "abuse, threaten to abuse, and/or harass" him. But Myrie is reported as saying that her husband was emotionally unstable.She was arrested by the Harford County police following an incident, which allegedly took place on February 26. Pusey alleged that Myrie has been fully abusive to him.

"He said I chased him down with knife, and I kicked him in his groin, and that I punched him on his hand that he did surgery on, and stuff like that," Myrie reportedly told a Jamaican tabloid

"He's just upset because I walked out of the marriage. That's why he's trying to ruin my reputation there. That's why he's doing what he's doing. I'm telling the media in Jamaica, do not listen to him," Myrie told The STAR.

"I was picked up at the airport because I went away to visit some friends in Florida, and when I was coming back to visit my husband, I was picked up at the airport by police officers. They locked me up for two days. I was on US$50,000 (J$6,080,000) bail, then it dropped to US$10,000 (J$1,216,000)," Myrie explained.