One big 'He said/She said' mix up with Shanique Myrie and her husband

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troy-pusey-and-shanique-myrie.jpgBwoy, what a mix up, confusion and bangarang wid Shanique Myrie and her husband! First, she did say him is a control freak and that him unstable, now him say that all she did want from him was a green card and money.

Him have a restraining order against her because she fight him off and now she say it's all lies.

Him say him did married to she because of love, only to find out that she did a kip man wid him all along because she did tell her friend them that it was a business marriage. She say a no so it go.

Bare mix-up and blenda cause di two a dem a do 'exclusive interview' like say dem a some big celebrity.

All now we cyaan decided who a lie and who a tell di truth. KMT.