Khago dip himself inna bleach?

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khago-bleach.jpgA how Khago get so brown? That's the question everyone is asking, and we a ask it to.

Khago is sporting much shorter hair and bleached out face.

"But wait, how the man get so brown, everybody a get brown inna Dancehall," one Twitter user said.

On Facebook, users compared the artiste's change in appearance to Alkaline's bleaching.

"So Alkaline bleach and get bigger inna Dancehall so other man a try do it and hope it get him luck," said one user.

Another user posted that the entertainers are now going to extreme lengths to get attention.

"Man put things inna them eye, man a bleach the skin them get from God just fi stay relevant in Dancehall, it's sad," said the user.