Get a dancehall baptism with Savage's Culu Culu

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savage-culu-culu.jpgReports are that selectors in the dancehall are performing baptisms to Culu Culu, a single from artiste Savage which is gaining some traction.

Savage's PR machinery has also apparently gone into overdrive with a story in a tabloid stating that Christians were upset at these so-called mock baptisms. However, Christians have no idea what is a Culu Culu or a Savage.

Anyway, this is Savage's response to any christian who would probably be offended: "The song has a revivalist feel, the song spiritual and people ah get inna spirit. Starting from Bishop Escobar inna Jamaica, it has spread to Trinidad, Barbados, Guyana and Costa Rica, and even Dubai, is a trend that is developing all over social media, it a climb, people inna dance ah get inna spirit," Savage said.

"People are just having fun, most people who participate are actually people who attended church when they were growing up and they respect God. This is just another way to acknowledge Him and still have some fun while doing it.