French singer releases new single, 'Music'

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French singer Delphine released her first single "Music", and her video clip, co-produced with Art & Media and distributed by Tuff Gong International.The music video for "Music" also premiered globally on Friday.

"Music" is the story of a music that takes the color of those who live for her, those who break down the barriers of difference. The music that brings people together, whatever their origins and cultures, which offers each of them the same wealth, the chance to share the present moment.

Delphine is a talented singer-songwriter and composer who believes that no matter where you come from, where you live and where you are going, the music is all around you and even if you do not like it, the music will always make vibrate your soul.

Determined to be an artist since she was a little girl, she joined at the age of ten singing and dancing schools and has followed drama lessons and later she did training in lyrical and classical singing, followed by several courses of song writing, improvisation and gospel.

Delphine has joined various live bands in France and Germany, and has tried different musical styles, such as Blues, Funk, Reggae, and Soul. She has not hesitated to take stages across the world, like in Thailand, with a Pop Rock band, but also in Canada with an American blues band.