Freddie McGregor says latest album "True to my Roots" is amazing

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freddie-mcgregor-photo-2.jpgThe Big Ship keeps on sailing and this time around there's a new album from the captain himself, Freddie McGregor.

The veteran reggae singer in a recent radio interview disclosed that the album, rntitled True To My Roots will be released in Japan first at the beginning of June and then Europe and North America at the end of June. A second single from the album, with the same title as the album itself, has just benn released

"Amazing...I call this one (the album) amazing," said a very happy Freddie, who explained that the album was produced by himself, Dalton Browne, Clevie Brownie and Lloyd Campbell from Joe Frazier Records."

"We had enough time in terms of production, it is a superb production," the Big Ship captain said of the 15 track album, adding that.there was a reason why we called it True To My Roots, as we in reggae music need to get back to the rooots of the music.

The song-writing team includes Freddie McGregor, along with Dalton Browne and Clevie Brownie.

The single is available on iTunes,and Freddie exhorts his fans to go out and purchase it.

"The people dem fi jus run go buy da single yah fi 99 cents," he said in the interview.