Bunny Wailer leads Rasta delegation to Jamiaca House

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bunny-wailer.jpgA 10-member team of Rastafarians, including reggae star Bunny 'Wailer Livingstone, former Columbia Records executive Maxine Stowe, and attorney-at-law Hannah Harris Barrington, met with Prime Minister Holness, and Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport Olivia 'Babsy' Grange inside the courtesy room at Jamaica House.

A delegation from the Rastafari Millennium Council (RMC) visited the government office on Tuesday, the eve of 50th anniversary of the historic visit to Jamaica of the late Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie in 1966.

Maxine Stowe asked for greater protection for the use of Jamaica's ganja as an international product, and to ensure greater flow of benefits from Jamaican music from the international record companies, Holness confirmed that the new Administration has been looking at the issue of legalisation of ganja, and the use of the drug locally and how the country can fully exploit its benefits.

"We have set up a sub-committee (of the Cabinet) to take a very close and detailed look at the present legislation, which actually promises more than it delivers," Holness said.

He stated that a lot of people were under the impression that the legislation delivers free use and trade of the drug, but that was not the case.

Attorney-at-law Hannah Harris Barrington, who was born in England of Jamaican parentage, pleaded for the prime minister's support of the RMC's efforts to get parliamentary acknowledgement of the UN 2007 declaration and its implications for the Rastafari community in Jamaica.