'Bleaching argument stale out,' says Khago

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khago-bleach.jpgIn an interview with Zip103 FM on Saturday, Khago, who is now sporting a severly bleached out face, stated vociferously that the bleaching argument stale out. "Mi know di people dem a talk. And me a seh , Kartel done tell dem dat already."

"I feel seh people free fi do wah dem waan do wid demself, because me nah go out an do tings fi harm other people," he added.

"A music we a do and we just feel fi mek a change inna wi life," he contended.

Khago had set off a storm of comments and speculation on social media this week when he re-emerged from a short hiatus with lightened skin, piercings and tattoos.He told Zip FM that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but they should also be mindful that "you have one life to live".

"When it come on to how you feel to carry yourself, mi feel trimming my hair have nothing to do wid nobody. A me grow it," Khago said.

As it relates to the cutting of his dreadlocks, Khago explained that it was out of necessity as it was becoming a medical hazard for him.

"The locks get too heavy pon my neck and it did a strain and mi end up affi cut it off," he noted.