Battle of the divas - Bare stylingz Kitty and Yanique gwaan with pon TV

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kitty-and-yanique.jpgThe so-called divas Kitty and Yanique are definitely in the wrong space, dem shoulda inna di boxing ring, after the showdung pon big big television Satday night.

All now people still a ask a what really gwaan pon TVJ the other night wid the Fluffy Diva Kitty and the Curvy Diva Yanique?!

It neva look good, it neva sound right and di two a dem need fi apologise to the viewers. And so too should TVJ.

Prople shock so till! Imagine inna di miggle a di Magnum Kings and Queens show, Kitty decided fi set the record straigh that she doan have no beef with the nex on who call herself Curvy Diva.

According to Kitty: "I just want to clear the air now, because mi a real woman, mi a real top gal a road so wi deal wid things directly. Some things have been said, and I just want to clear them and I have no beef whatsoever. This manufactured beef is disingenuous, it is duplicitous, it doesn't exist. The manufactured feud that we have doesn't exist at all.

"Just the same, to Jamaica I am all about empowerment , I am about empowering women, my career has been built on that, so let us do accomplishment. But mi love your song, Sheldon, mi like that, and in Jesus name, mek our accomplishments judge us. The only thing I want to beef with ah my bank account, big up mi education, big up miself fi impress some more woman, and frighten some more woman, buss the blank and say lalalalalala!".

Yanique responded: "Can I talk now? Can I talk now? Here is the situation, hold on I hear you, I am not stopping the show. We never have no beef, we didn't. Instead of coming on air, We didn't have no beef but my thing is, so instead of coming on air, how about addressing me? my dressing room is next to you, and it's been awhile, so therefore you are doing it for the public. Kitty? Me this! Yanique. If we have an issue, you can come to my dressing room and say that. Let's continue, let's continue the show, it's not a show, it's not for the public, yu know where mi dressing room deh!".