ZIP FM tower climber strikes again!

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ikon-photo-1.jpgUpcoming artiste, Ikon, who is promoting his latest single, Make A Wish, strikes again! This time around, the man who climbed ZIP FM tower and threatened to commit suicide if his music was not played, has set up a campsite outside the Irie FM headquarters in St Ann.

"Me waan know every disc jock a Irie FM and give dem a CD. Every DJ no work one day and a Portmore me live. Me cyaan afford dem expensive hotel yah a Ochi so me jus camp out," the artiste told a local newspaper.

"I'm at the gate. If you a go in, you haffi see me, if you come out yuh haffi see me. Me have me camping tent, me have radio, food, CD. Anything you bring go pon camping a it me have out yah."

ikon-photo-2.jpgMe no business wah people waan say bout me. Me jus determine say me haffi get my goal. This time me nah go bout it so extreme. Rotation a me goal. The first time dem say the quality a me music neva match dem standard but right now, me quality way up," he explained.

All we can say Ikon, is that we hope you reach your goal.