Toothless, 51-year-old Gully Bop is a good kisser and 'wukka man'

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bop-and-amari.jpgUS-based artiste A'Mari is hailing the lip-locking and wukka man skills of the new man in her life, Gully Bop.

A'Mari said that people who focus on Gully Bop's appearance, including his lack of teeth, have no idea on how genuine and caring a person he is.

"There's more to him than his appearance. He has a soft touch, and while other men would take long for me to climax, when Gully touches me, I instantly reach a climax. It's like fire when he touches my body," she told a newspaper in Jamaica.

"People don't know that he cries a lot, he breaks down a lot because he is a sensitive person. He cries for the homeless and the poor. He's a good man," she said.

"A lot of people didn't even know that he was sleeping on the floor and I got him an apartment. I couldn't be using him because I have been helping him in the few weeks that we've been together. In fact, we're gonna be moving in together when I get back to Jamaica.We are the Jay-Z and BeyoncE of Jamaica right now."

Though her family has not yet been made aware of the relationship, A'mari does not foresee them having a problem with the union. In fact, she believes that Gully Bop is an even better fit than her previous boyfriend, who she says was mistreating her.

"Gully Bop is like a precious gem. At first, I really didn't see him as my type, but now, I feel like our love can last forever. It's unconditional. Gully Bop is my man," she said.

Ironically, A'Mari stated that she has never dated someone from the industry, as they are too scandalous.

"I hate them. I can't take the drama. But, Gully is a sweetheart. I don't know if he has two sides. Maybe I haven't seen the other side yet. He is special. I definitely see us lasting a long time," she told.