Tifa 'spotted canoodling at opulent event' with her beau

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tifa-no-no-no.jpgWhat kind of garbage is this?!!

Bwoy, journalism and PR really gone to di dawgs. We couldn't believe when we read this story online pon one site that we did tink have sense.

This is what Tifa publicist send go gi di people dem. (Or whoever write it on behalf of Tifa, cause it obvious that the article is straight PR.) "The diva was recently spotted at a very opulent event canoodling with what is being rumoured to be her new beau. Based on information gathered, the man in question is known as a tycoon in various business circles and is said to be the heir to a multi-million dollar international company based in the US and also an avid fan of Caribbean music.A report further stated that, while at the event, the two were tucked away in a dimly lit private cabana overlooking Kingston as they toasted the night away. However, according to one eyewitness, "despite them trying to be discreet, it was obvious there was a lot more than mere friendship happening between them." When contacted and quizzed, the Big Bumper singer seemingly surprised by the report and neither denied nor confirmed the rumour, but quickly added that what she does in her personal life is exactly that and she would appreciate it remaining that way."

Whoever Tifa publicist is, we haffi big yuh up. Not for writing the bull, but for actually persuading the website to carry it.

As expected, the article ends with information on Tifa's upcoming shows and her latest singles, which, I dare say, was the real intent of the story.