Suspect who drove getaway car after stabbing death of Luciano's son not charged

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luciano-son-menalik.jpgAlthough the three teen alleged directly involved in the stabbing death of reggae singer Luciano's son, Menelik McClymont, are in custody, the perceived mastermind is still walking free.

Although the family is pleased that the police have charged the three, they are angry that another suspect, the one who allegedly drove the getaway vehicle has not been charged. Reports are that the fourth suspect is the one with whom Menelik had the argument, and was the one who commissioned the other three men to carry out the deadly attack

The Jamaica Constabulary Force's Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) yesterday confirmed that Jerome Coombs of Bob Marley Boulevard in Cooreville Gardens, Camanie Shaw of Ambrook Lane, and Nashlyn Anderson, also of Ambrook Lane, St Andrew, were charged with murder.

According to reports, "He and Menelik got into an argument and he left and came back with three other guys. I get to understand that he wasn't involved in the actual stabbing, but he was the owner of the getaway car, and he was the one who drove the guys away from the scene."

An evening tabloid has reported that a grieving Luciano noted that even though the fourth suspect might not have had a part in the actual stabbing, he should also be charged for his part in the act.

"I would feel better if he was charged," he expressed.

"He went for these guys and we can't allow him to get away with this. It is safer for everyone if he is brought to justice because I don't want this to happen to anybody else's child, and I don't want anything to happen to him and people say is me send people to harm him. A lot of people are hurt by this and are thinking of retaliating. I have to be telling people to remain calm because I am not about revenge, I am about justice."

McClymont, 19, died on Sunday, February 28, as a result of stab wounds he received the previous day at the Parkington Plaza in St Andrew after concluding classes at Maths Unlimited.