So...Bobo Zarro daughter tun Zarro now a King?

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bobbo-zarro.jpgPeople, oonu memba Bobo Zarro? The same Rastaman who did deh wid Amber from Irie and who talk up a bag a tingz when Amber get pregnant fi Octane. Poor Bobo Zarro did seh how him did tink seh Octane was him friend and how Octane use to all come a him house when Amber and Bobo Zarro did deh. Anyway, Bbo Zarro did seh him still love Amber and him woulda did look after the baby, even though him wasn't di father.

Well, y'alll gonne look at Zarro wid new respect. Him neva did mek it too big inna di music biz, but the esteemed Bobo Zarro is now the father of a real life queen. According to one sinting wha' we did a read: "Chanel Chin, daughter of Rastafarian reggae artiste Ludlow Chin better known as Bobo Zaro, and Marion Morgan, is now queen of the Iwo Kingdom after her marriage to King Adbul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi earlier this year."

We nuh need fi go no further.

But just one question we a ask. Does that mean that Bobo Zarro is now like a King or something?