Schwarzenegger walks out of interview after Donald Trump question

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schwarzenegger-vs-trump-donald.jpgThere's one topic off limits when interviewing Arnold Schwarzenegger: Donald Trump.

The former Governor of California walked off-set during an interview on Australia's "Weekend Sunrise" program Saturday morning after being asked to opine on possible Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

"This is an interview that I only do about fitness and health, not about politics or my relationships," Schwarzenegger told host Angela Cox before ending the interview.

Schwarzenegger is currently in Australia to promote a series of fitness events, including the Arnold World Strongman Championships.

It's understandable why a journalist would be interested in Arnold's thoughts on Trump. Like Trump, Schwarzenegger is an entertainment personality-turned-Republican politician, and was also named as Trump's replacement on "The Celebrity Apprentice" in September 2015.

Schwarzenegger endorsed Republican candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kashich earlier this month.

Earlier in the interview, Cox had asked Schwarzenegger about his failed marriage to Maria Shriver. In 2011, it was revealed that he had fathered a child with the couple's housekeeper.

When asked how having that news made public changed his life, Schwarzenegger refused to answer.