Gully Bop involved in another car accident

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gully-bop-us-visa.jpgAccident-prone deejay, Gully Bop was involved in an accident last weekend, when he says the brakes on his vehicle failed, as he was negotiating a corner.

Gully Bop narrowly escaped serious injury after a motor vehicle accident in Montego Bay, St James over the weekend.The entertainer said that the accident was caused when his brakes failed while he was negotiating a hill.

"Mi just glad say no one was injured, it wasn't a big accident, a vehicle brake up before me, and when mi go fi brake, mi find say mi caan stop, so mi spin outta da vehicle de, and find miself ah head towards the gully, so mi clap back on the road and see the Honda Civic ah head on," he said.

"The people dem inna the vehicle start fret when dem see the head on, but mi say 'don't panic' cause mi know mi skill, so mi just bite it in between the two vehicle dem, and then mi click click the emergency brake till mi vehicle come to a stop down the hill. Ah skill mi skill why the accident never more serious," he said.

"Mi shoot a video Saturday night till Sunday morning with A'mari, and then head down to Montego Bay. It was a close one, the whole ah the man Honda Civic rip up, mi talk to him but ah insurance haffi go fix fi him car," said Gully Bop at the scene of the accident.

There have also been reports from eyewitnesses at the scene that the driver of Honda Civic was badly shaken up from the accident. Gully Bop, and his former fiancee Chin Chin, have been involved in numerous motor vehicle accidents over the past year.