Everard Warmington was offered job as deputy speaker of the house?!

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warmington.jpgAn online report states that JLP speak-whatever-I-like-and-don't-give-a-damn, Everard "Warmie" Warmington was offered the job of deputy speaker of the house.

According to the incredible story, "it has been confirmed that, in the shaping of the new Government, Warmington was offered a position, that of Deputy House Speaker, which he declined.

The position has since gone to St Elizabeth South East representative, Frank Witter.

What can we say about the not-so-orderly Warmie?

Well, one online reader summed it up accurately, and we quote: "Why would they offer Warmington deputy speaker and he can't even control himself."

Another wrote: "Hope he didn't take it cause this man can't bring order, himself is out of order."