Curvy Diva Yanique leaves fans guessing in fake breast drama

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yanique-breasts-2016.jpgDid she or didn't she? Are they real or are they fake?

As reports of surgery to put in breast implants swirl around her, radio personality and Magnum host Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett has put out a press release which neither denies nor confirms whether or not her breasts are new.

"When someone is considered a sex symbol there is always going to be rumors and questions about what is real or fake. People should refrain from making snap judgments though when they aren't aware of the facts. Not everyone with a nice body has done surgery, so that should never be the assumption. I've always projected a positive self image and will continue to inspire young girls to love themselves and always be confident regardless of their body type." Yanique stated via a press release.


Yanique was seen on Sunday at the BritJam event which she co-hosted with the internationally renowned china doll, Blac Chyna, and according to some Internet trolls, Yanique with her "fake breasts' looked more plastic that china doll.

There have been a slew of negative (and some positive) comments in ragards to Yanique's new-look breasts, but the diva is clearly not fazed.

"I don't mind being the centre of attention though so keep the positive and negative comments coming," the graduate of Seventh-day Adventist institution, NCU, stated.


Well, we are pretty sure the comments willl keep coming, as the release, along with pictures will only add fuel to the fire. A scroll through her Facebook page shows a July 12, 2014 with the caption: "The black is when I was 19 I think and the other is now in my 20's #boobylicious."

What can we say? Girl, whatever floats your boat.