Trinidad Carnival: Party cyan done

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By Lydia Patel NY correspondent

For the days leading up to Trinidad carnival the entire island is under a festive glee. Sweet sounds of sofa take over the streets non stop for days upon end.

Whether you are a native Trinidadian or came in for a good time, everyone takes in the action at what is truly the best time here on the island. So much so that the party don't stop for nothing. Slings, crutches or cane - You are guaranteed to see it going through the streets and in the parade.

Carnival is so much a religion that you will see people limping and hopping around but still enjoying the great carnival vibes. Jouvert morning which takes place in the wee hours of carnival Monday is the official paint, mud, clay and chocolate street party.

It's a sight to see thousands of people take to the streets covered. Carnival Tuesday is where all the beautiful costumes come out. From big bands to small bands everyone is wearing a costume. Now some people more than others really shouldn't but that's all part of the good fun in Trinidad and Tobago.

So farewell carnival 2016 we had a blast. On to 2017. By the way it's February 27th and 28th.