Toronto, get ready for Tanto Blacks! Artiste makes his Canadian debut

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tanto-blacks.jpgToronto, look out, Tanto Blacks is coming at ya! Can you handle him?

This is definitely "real rich"!

After taking over sections of the place with gimmicks, it would seem that entertainer Tanto Blacks is finally being taken seriously and even he is giving God thanks for opeing doors for him. Tanto, along with his Canada-based new best friend, Sample King, will be performing in Toronto this weekend for the first time ever.

"I have to thank Father God enuh. A him mek everything possible, without him, we're nothing. We have to live clean. A first me a go dem big country deh, a father God open this door fi me," he said.

"Me get a visa fi go Canada and now a di work me ago put in over Canada. God great to me, that shows I improved a lot. Me deh a di airport now and di amount a people weh a tek me picture right now. Dem a wave to me and a smile as I'm talking to you. Di people dem a confuse me, I can't even turn, they're scrutinising me from my shoes to my cap," he reportedly told one popular tabloid..

Reports out of Canada are that ticket sales are robust.

Tanto, do yuh ting.