The Marleys sue Fabian 'Marley'

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fabian-marley-photo-1.jpgThe Bob Marley Foundation and 56 Hope Road Music Limited have filed a lawsuit against the singer who claims to be the son of reggae icon, Bob Marley, and who has been using the name Fabian Marley.

The Bob Marley Foundation controls the rights to the Bob Marley name in Jamaica, while 56 Hope Road Music controls the rights to the name in the rest of the world.

Fabian Marley, who was born Oniel Stanford in 1968, changed his name by deed poll in 2012 to his current name. He also uses the moniker 'Gong Kid'. However, last month, his former manager, Clayton Thomas issued a release stating that a DNA test revealed that Fabian Marley is not, in fact, the son of the reggae legend.

Fabian has publicly refused to accept the results of the DNA, calling it "illegal". And while he has stated that he will stop saying that he is the son of Bob Marley, he has insisted that he will continue to use the name Fabian Marley.

"Fabian Marley is my name," he told Yardflex in an interview. "It is registered with the United States government. I will continue to use this name as my official name, but my stage name is now Fabian The Truth," he asserted at the time.

In court documents filed on Wednesday, the companies are seeking an injunction restraining Fabian Marley from using the Bob Marley name or associating himself or any of his business activities with Bob Marley's name or image.

The court is also being asked to order Fabian Marley to stop using the name Marley and to change his last name.They are also seeking damages for passing off and appropriation of personality.

They say Fabian Marley markets himself as the son of Bob Marley, which is likely to lead the public to believe that he and his music are associated with Bob Marley.They say he has been asked repeatedly to stop using the name, but has refused to do so.

Efforts to contact Fabian The Truth proved futile.