#SupportThePuff goes viral after girl suspended for wearing natural hair

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support-the-puff.jpgThe fight and backlash against natural hair is real - real disgusting! And once again, yet another story of young women being attacked for their natural tresses has gone mainstream.

According to Wapa.TV, , a high school student at CR Walker in the Bahamas, was told by her principal that her natural hair was "untidy, ungroomed, and unkept," which violates school rules. Deleveaux and several other students are also alleging that they were not only reprimanded for simply rocking their natural curls but suspended and threatened with expulsion if they did not straighten their hair. Although the school denies the allegations, Delveveax's mother took to Facebook to share her daughters story and the outrage she felt over such punishment, explaining that Tayjah's hair "does not affect her brain." "What could possibly be so wrong with this hairstyle?!" she wrote. "SHE IS A BLACK CHILD WITH THICK NATURAL HAIR!!!!"

Once the post went viral, the controversy sparked girls all over the world to use the hashtag #SupportThePuff with a photo of their own beautifully textured tresses in support of women and girls loving their natural hair.

In addition to the millions of hashtags that have surfaced on the internet in the past two days, an online natural hair petition was also created in support of the students. "This petition has been created in support of those students and we encourage you the potential voter to consider the damaging effects of telling our precious darlings that in the year 2016, their hair is not good enough to be worn naturally," the site reads.

Hype Hair also reports that the country's ministry of education responded to the comments regarding the issue, saying, "We are fully cognisant of the sensitivity of this matter and are confident that after review with the school administrator, the school board and the individuals involved, the matter will be amicably resolved."