Statement from the promoters of 'Heat - Real Rich Edition'

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tanto-blacks-sample-king.jpgToronto, CANADA, February 5, 2016: - Unfortunately, an acrimonious report on a particular website states that dancehall sensation, Tanto Blacks, was bottled at a show in Canada on Thursday night, the same night the artiste arrived in Canada.

We take this opportunity to state that the entire report is a total fabrication and emphasise that no such incident took place. The quotation in the article, allegedly from Tanto Blacks is false; the quote from the promoter is also totally untrue.

Tanto Blacks did not perform at any event in Canada on Thursday night. He arrived at the Pearson airport in Toronto at at 6:30 pm on an Air Canada flight. We checked in at the hotel, went to have some food, did an interview on an Internet radio and went back to the hotel.

We were supposed to go downtown, but Tanto said he was tired, so he didn't leave the hotel at all after that.

Tanto is booked to perform at the Classic Lounge in Toronto tonight, Friday, February 5, 2016.

We challenge the website to state the name of the venue where the alleged incident occurred and provide pictures and video footage of the alleged incident.