ST THOMAS: Police ready for worst case scenario

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police.jpgPolice personnel in St Thomas are prepared to tackle the most challenging scenarios as Jamaica goes to the polls to elect a new Government today.

According to Superintendent of Police Beau Rigabie, his regular team will be boosted by a detail from Mobile Reserve and a detachment from the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), as the parish bolsters its law enforcement assets ahead of the general election.

He said he will have "385 police officers" at his disposal to carry out broad-based operational functions, including manning 257 polling stations in the bi-sect of St Thomas Western and St Thomas Eastern.

The incumbent candidate for the eastern divide of the parish, the People's National Party's (PNP) Dr Fenton Ferguson faces off with his Opposition challenger Delano Seiveright of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) for the seat in the new Parliament, while councillor Marsha Francis of the PNP is seeking to unseat the JLP's James Robertson on the western end.

Also in the race in St Thomas Western is Robert Cover of the Marcus Garvey People's Progressive Party.

Rigabie, who was recently transferred from the Westmoreland Police Division, said the police have catalogued a number of potentially explosive polling areas and have devised strategies to safeguard and respond if that becomes necessary.