Sister Marion Hall records new gospel songs; leaves for gospel gigs in the US

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marion-lady-saw-hall.jpgHaving renouncwed the dancehall in favour of following the straight and naroow Christian path, Marion Hall is overjoyed and is chanelling all her creative energies inot producing hearfelt gospel songs.

She recently recorded two new tracks,"Dash Holy Ghost" and "The Lord is with me" and in an interview she stated that even those in the studio with her at the time were deply moved by the songs.

"Sanchez and his wife were with me when I was recording and they said they got goose bumps," the former Lady Saw who is delighting in her Christian walk said in a radio interview.

Minister Marion is this week releasing the two new gospel tracks before she leaving the island for a string of shows in the United States.

The gigs in the US mark Marion's first stage performances since the former dancehall queen got baptized on December 14 last year.