Shauna Chin looking a hype off 'Shauna Chin'?

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shauna-chin-injury.jpgShauna Chin, Glly Bop's former manager says that the actress Shauna Chin is using a lawsuit threat against her as an opportunity to get some free publicity.

The recording artiste who recently signed a deal with Diamond Music Empire and who now uses the stage-name Chin Chin has been served a cease and desist order by lawyers acting on behalf of the actress.

"Leave my name out of your mouth. You are just using my name to try to be recognised in your own country that you ditched for how many decades now. We know say yu spit pan stone and fling behind yu when yu left on the iron bird . Again Miss big Hollywood actress Shauna Chin, stop using my name to create a hype for yourself," Chin Chin said in a press release.

"I don't want to sit on this issue because it's not going anywhere, I have better and bigger things to do. My name has been in the media in Jamaica for a year and you didn't wanna sue then why sue now? You claimed my name has tarnished your professional reputation when that sounds like a big lie. If you were so accomplished in your field, no one could mistake you for me, a mere dancehall artiste? That sounds like yu want some cheap publicity," the recording artiste, formerly known as Shauna Chin, added.


The actress is most known for her guest starring role on Jamaican television series The Blackburns of Royal Palm Estate and the Festival De Cannes award winning short film Choices. Meanwhile, the other 'Shauna Chin' exploded on the dancehall scene in late 2014 with her highly-publicised romance with deejay sensation, Gully Bop.

"Once she began using the name to perform on largely popular billed shows such as Sumfest, my legal team initiated the cease and desist process," said the actress in a release last week.

However, Chin Chin said: "If a company wanna hire you for a set they would know the difference because you are a actress and I'm known for what I'm known for as a dancehall personality. Your corner is dark if people don't know the difference by now. Instead, you came in the papers with a whole resume of what you do and don't do. Instead of feeding the homeless in LA, why don't you do that for your fellow countrymen? Now you wanna pop up out of nowhere talking about claiming name... again, and for the last time, my birth name is Shauna and my pet name is Chin, my entertainer name is from Gully Chin to Chin Chin. I can't stop my fans or anyone else to call me by that name."

"As you can see on social media , my fans in Jamaica don't know you, until now when you're claiming name. Please stop riding off my name and career for your publicity and promotion. How about coming here on a trip and help single mothers who are struggling, and others who need help here. We as the lucky ones who get the break should look back on our lives and help our black maroons. For the "big" Jamaican actress you are, you should be showing your face more often in the papers and represent your country. I am going to be working on my video shoot this weekend for hit song, My Life'."