PNP outlines '21 Further Steps To Progress' in manifestoe

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pnp-manifesto-launch-2016.jpgThe ruling People's National Party (PNP) on Tuesday unveiled its development plan for Jamaica should it be re-elected in the February 21 General Election.

See below the PNP's '21 Further Steps to Progress' outlined in its manifesto launched on Tuesday:

1) Add at least 100,000 new jobs over the next five years. This will include improving the room stock in the hotel industry by over 14,000 in the next decade, creating more than 40,000 permanent jobs as well as a special youth employment programme that will place 10,000 persons in new jobs.

2) Continue to actively support a national security policy that increasingly empowers citizens, promotes security, peace and safety in communities while reinforcing a culture of lawfulness and public order.

3) Establish a single anti-corruption agency to replace the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, the Office of the Contractor General and the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, to enable the more efficient fight of corruption in Jamaica.

4) Eliminate the shift system in both primary and secondary schools to allow maximum contact time for both teaching and learning, thus contributing to the push to raise educational standards. Accelerate the expansion of the school feeding programme as part of poverty alleviation, to respond to the needs of more students and in support regular attendance at school.

5) Increase investments in order to develop a better trained and more productive labour force to help achieve our national development goals. Our focus will be on the increase application of science and technologyand integrating training programmes appropriate to the 21st century.

6) Continue the extensive modernization of the country's physical infrastructure in order to expand the opportunities for agriculture, tourism, housing and commercial development as part of our growth agenda.

7) Accelerate the programme to build a logistic-centred economy, develop special economic zones and remove constraints in doing business, while placing emphasis on integrating manufacturing with other sectors in the domestic economy.

8) Facilitate investment in the provision of increased space for business process outsourcing through the combined efforts of the Factories Corporation, the port Authority and the Development Bank of Jamaica.

9) Transform MSMEs into competitive enterprises by building capacity, expanding entrepreneurship through training in marketing, leadership communication and technical skills and providing financing through the Development Bank of Jamaica.

10) Accelerate the modernization and expansion of the agricultural sector that will be supported by increased investment and the repair and rehabilitation of 41 farm roads across the island.


11) Continue the programme to diversify sources of energy - solar, wind and liquefied natural gas technologies.

12) Create and Facilitate housing solutions to increase substantially the number of Jamaican families who own and live in their own homes. Special priority will be given to satisfying the demand in the lowest income bracket.

13) Improve the quality of health care in our major hospitals, while upgrading community health care facilities across the country. Emphasis will be placed on access and accountability of health care for all with special attention to children to children and senior citizens, improving the benefits available through NHF, JADEP and NI Gold. We will also establish a full integrated medical cannabis and nutraceutical.

14) Develop a national shelter strategy for victims of gender-based violence. This will include the construction of four shelters for the protection of women who experience sexual or physical abuse.

15) Establish a cultural and creative industries enhancement fund, develop a creative economy policy and an overarching master plan to support the creation of an enabling environment for the growth and development of the cultural and creative industries.

16) Create a modern Jamaica Council for Person with Disabilities to direct and guide the programmes of policies impacting peoples with disabilities and establish a Disabilities Rights Tribunal to adjudicate complaints of discrimination.

17) Establish a National Agency for Meteorology and Climate Change Reliance, while implementing an integrate approach to restoring and managing our watershed management units.

18) Continue as a matter of priority the implementation of tax reform to further lower the rates of taxes including income tax, both personal and corporate as well GCT, transfer tax and asset tax as the fiscal situation improves. Expand the range of tax relief measures available under the Urban Renewal Act for the Kingston Metropolitan Area and extend relief to significant urban centres in rural Jamaica.

19) Expand new and existing sewerage systems in the Kingston Metropolitan region.

20) Continue the transformation of the public sector to make it a more efficient customer service oriented sector, an enabling environment which supports the further growth and development of entities as a vehicle for stimulating investment and broadening the base of ownership, including through listings on the Jamaica Stock Exchange and Junior Market.

21) Continue our work in foreign affairs and foreign trade while strengthening our relationship with Jamaicans in the Diaspora.