NO to sex and babies. Zika spread via sex; infect blood supply. But are we all being played?

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zika-virus-update.jpg(NaturalNews) Zika is now a sexually transmitted disease, says Dallas County Health and Human Services and the CDC. According to this story from the AP, Zika virus has been acquired by a Texas resident via sexual contact with an infected person.

But that's not all...

According to Dr. Amesh Adalja at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Zika virus may already have infected the emergency blood supply because blood donors are not screened for Zika.

We've also been told by the CDC that 80% of Zika carriers are symptomless, "silent" carriers, meaning they carry Zika but don't even know it. What happens when these people donate blood or engage in normal sexual activity with others?

The answer is that they would be spreading Zika virus to others.

Hence the panic we're all witnessing in the media.

But are we all being played?

When it comes to any virus, however -- Ebola, Bird Flu, Zika, etc. -- we've all learned over the last decade or so that the CDC and the WHO are usually lying about one or more important components of their official narratives.

The narrative almost always goes something like this: "The horror! This new virus is devastating humankind! We urgently need billions of dollars in vaccine funding from the government!"

And then the terrorized government ponies up a few billion dollars in emergency medicine vaccine research funding, and all the scientists and corporations rake in the dollars while the pandemic dies down on its own.

So we have to be cautious because none of us has any direct way to confirm anything we're told by the CDC. The CDC can fabricate anything it wants with near absolute immunity from real scientific scrutiny. And history has shown us that every time there's an opportunity to scare the population with another virus, both the CDC and WHO are quick to declare a "global pandemic" when there really isn't one.

So be cautious with the news about Zika. On one hand, it might be far worse than they're telling us and a legitimate threat to life throughout the Americas because of the genetically engineered mosquito experiment gone awry. But on the other end of the spectrum, this might be a false narrative being pushed by the vaccine industry to create yet another public scare so they can rake in more "research" money while demanding medical obedience from the public.

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger