Milk confesses to being Bounty's girl on the side; any hammering?

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milk-talks-being-bounty-killer-side-chick.jpgWe doan know why Milk think it was necessary to come out and tell her business pon television. Is not like seh nuff people neva know say she did deh wid Killer pon di side.

Of course people did know, and nuff people use to chat bout it. But is Milk, so it neva surprise nobody that she was into Killer like that. Yuh zimme.

Anyway, Milky Way, some tings yuh fi kip quiet bout, cause now yuh gone stur up big big ants nest and everybody a talk bout that incident with you and Dick and now that yuh start turning heads, dem a know.

But, then again, maybe Milk want to keep herself relevant, so she just a dash it out deh so people who did figet bout her will start talk bout her again.

Milk, our advice to you is: Grow up!

By the way Bounty, you still have yuh hammer?