LIES! Tanto Blacks was NOT bottled in Canada

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tanto-blacks-sample-king.jpgTanto Blacks was not bottled in Canada on Thursday night, as was erroneously reported by a website on Friday.

In an interview with Yardflex on Friday, Sample King, one of the promoters of the show and also an artiste, stated that no such thing happened and outlined the sequence of events starting from Tanto's arrival in CAnada on Thursday.

"We arrived at Pearson International Airport in Toronto at about 6:30pm, cleared customs, went to the hotel and from there we went t o get something to eat. After that, we went and did an interview on an Internet radio station and returned to the hotel," Sample explained.

He added that the idea was for Tanto to visit a few places in downtown Toronto that night, but the artiste said he was feeling a bit tired and requested to stay at the hote instead.

"Tanto didn't want to go anywhere because he was tired. so we were actually in his room holding a vibe and putting together his itinerary for Friday, when he would make his debut in Toronto. I left Tanto in his room at about 2:00 am," the promoter/artiste told Yardflex.

According to Sample, he has absolutely no idea where such a story could have come from, but he and his team are adamant that a full retraction and apology from the website must be done.

Owing to the fact that the story has gained so much traction online, the promoters put out the following release"