Juliet Cuthbert is pregnant at age 51! Turns 52 in April

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juliet-cuthbert.jpgThe week has just started and already the what must surely be the top story of the week has broken.

Former Jamaican sprinter Juliet Cuthbert is pregnant at age 51. And, by April, she will turn 52! This is the biggest news on a Monday that was quite 'newsy'.

"Yes, I am pregnant but I'm too busy to talk about that. I will not be speaking on it," Cuthbert said.


Cuthbert who is married to marketing executive Levaughn Flynn, and is a mother of a 27-year-old son, will turn 52 on April 9.

Cuthbert represented Jamaica years ago at the Olympics and World Championships where she earned, bronze, silver and gold medals.

But though she is no longer competing in sports, Cuthbert is competing politically.

She is the Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP) candidate for West Rural St Andrew.