Ishawna diss Foota in new song just true him say she only hot on social media

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ishawna-photo-2.jpgMiss Legendary, Ishawna, took umbrage at the truth-according-to-Foota-Hype, who publicly stated that his ex is only hot on social media.

The selector told the media that Ishawna isn't hot in the dancehall and clubs at all, perhaps a reflection of the fact that she had no strong songs doing the rounds.

Ishawna responded with a diss track titled, Social Media Hot.

In the song Ishawna addressed how long they've been separated and made much of Foota Hype's claims about seeing aliens.

"Yuh tink yuh a god fi music, we nuh need yuh. Over 16 months run off, yuh still a carry belly like a alien breed yuh. You nuh see you ego a mislead you," she said.


And Ishawna was leaving no stones unturned. She did not just stop at Foota Hype, she also addressed media personality, Nikki- Z.

"Big up social media, a it put me weh mi deh. Me nah look nuh bly nor support from some hypocrite like Nikki Z," she expressed.

Though Ishawna was in rage, in the track, she took time to salute Bounty Killer who was also upset over Foota Hype's interview.

"Big up Rodney Pryce yuh a legend fi life, nuh haffi compete wid a guy," she said.

Clips of the track were posted on Ishawna's social media pages and as one would expect based on the song's title, it has been receiving favourable reviews from her fans and supporters.