Is Zika another profit scam by biotech and pharma?

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zika-virus-update.jpgIt is noteworthy that the mainstream science discussions on how to "solve" the Zika problem all involve medical, biotech and pesticide companies making a whole lot of money. The top three solutions being pushed right now are:

1) Release yet more genetically engineered mosquitoes.

2) Fumigate Brazil with toxic pesticide chemicals.

3) Urgently develop a Zika vaccine and have everybody injected.

It is no coincidence that these three solutions map perfectly to three powerful industries with strong government ties:

1) Big Biotech.

2) Agribusiness pesticide giants (like Monsanto).

3) Big Pharma and the vaccine industry.

In fact, the meme about Zika is spreading far faster than Zika itself. If there's any pandemic really taking place right now, it's a "pandemic of CDC propaganda" that has infected almost everyone.

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