Farrakhan compares sports stars to slaves, basketball courts to plantations; praises Beyonce

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louis-farrakhan.jpgLouis Farrakhan closed out the Nation of Islam's annual Saviour's Day convention in Detroit this weekend with a speech comparing sports stars to slaves, attacking police for their treatment of Beyonce and calling in the black community to make Detroit the new Mecca.

'Please don't put up another basketball court and think you're giving back to the back community,' said Farrakhan during his remarks.

'Basketball courts are a training ground for a basketball plantation.'

He then added that spectators watching people play sports are just like men sizing up slaves back in the day.

'Well, that's that what you do in sports. You run up and down the field, show them how swift you are, how clever you are,' he said.


'And they're sitting there, watching you, timing you: "That's a good one. I'll get him. I'm drafting him."'

Farrakhan also spoke about improving Detroit, and making it a new holy city.

'Detroit can be the new Mecca,' said Farrakhan.

'It can be great, great city. And it's 83 percent black.

'You don't have to move out to the white community. Instead of moving out of the hood, let's make the hood what we desire it to be.'

He then added; 'Look at all the old homes going for five, 10, 15, $20,000.

'All they need is someone to take them over, fix them up, and give them some love.

'Don't go moving off into white neighborhoods. Look at your own neighborhoods and make them hoods we desire.'

Farrakhan, 82, also both praised and attacked police during his speech.

After praising Beyonce for her Super Bowl performance, which paid tribute to the Black Panthers and Farrakhan's mentor Malcolm X, Farrakhan blasted those who police forces that have said that will now ban Beyonce, who he called 'my sweet sister.'


'You won't offer her police protection, but the FOI will,' said Farrakhan, referring to the Fruit of Islam, which provides the NOI's security.

At the same time he had nothing but kind things to say about Detroit Police Chief James E. Craig, who provided a motorcade for the group's leaders to the convention.

Farrakhan praised rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West as well for speaking out on social issues.

'Say what you feel. Put it out there!' he said.

He attacked both political parties too during his speech, saying; 'You have made no progress under Democrats.

'I don't know why you're such a slave. Figure out what did they do for you, when what you have given to the Democratic Party.'

Republicans meanwhile were accused of writing and passing laws that deny blacks the same opportunities as whites.

And he urged medical marijuana dispensaries to make a bid so that they could legally operate in the city.

'And that's good because medical marijuana could be used to help people who are being addicted to prescription drugs. God made the weed. I used to smoke it, too,' he said.

'But when I smoked it there was a divine reason: "God made it. It has to be good."'

He then began laughing as he told the audience; 'Stop lying to yourself.'