Bunny Rugs' widow at odds with Third World?

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bunny-rugs-photo-3.jpgBouvier Clark, the widow of Bunny Rugs, the former lead vocalist, musician, and songwriter of the world famous Reggae band, reportedly says she has been ignored and disrespected by the Third World members in charge of the band's business affairs.

According to the contents of a release, on July 18, 2014, a court in the State of Florida appointed Mrs Clark personal representative of the estate of William Clark aka "Bunny Rugs" with full power to administer his estate according to law. This court order entitles Mrs Clark to demand, sue for, recover and receive all property belonging to William "Bunny Rugs" Clark.

Mrs. Clark, the reported release says, contends that over the past two years numerous attempts have been made to communicate with members of the Third World band by her and by various attorneys representing her.

The release claims that despite several promises, there has been no business arrangement details provided or disclosed, nor has there been any payments or accounting made by the band to the Clark estate.

Attempts to reach Mrs Clarke have failed.