Artiste stages his own funeral. This should signal the death of publicity stunts

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overdoe-funeral.jpgShould this be considered the death of all PR stunts?

An upcoming artiste who goes by the name Real Overdose, is reported to have planned and executed his own funeral, while still being very much alive.

Clearly, this was a publicity stunt gone very wrong. A;ready, many are saying that Overdose must have overdosed on something to come up with something as macabre as this.

Picture this: Overdose lies inside a real coffin pretending to be dead, as the body is carried inside a church?

According to the report, "community members say persons were out in their numbers to witness the unbelievable display of "madness". On the scene was a hearse, wreaths, mourners and even a coffin in which the up-coming artiste laid comfortably.

"How can someone play with death and put them self in dead coffin? Smh," one social media user commented.

"People he's an upcoming artist seeking publicity... so yes it works!! Whether u talk good or bad you still talk so he's getting the publicity he aimed at.. #missionAccomplished," another said.

A wake also took place the night before the artiste's 'home-going' service.