Afghan boy who wore plastic bag 'Messi' shirt gets signed jersey from soccer star

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from-plastic-bag-to-real-messi-jersey.jpg"As a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Leo Messi believes in the child's right to play and the transforming power of sport in children's lives," UNICEF said. "All the items were signed by Messi himself. Both jerseys carried the message, 'Con mucho carino, Leo.'(Translation: "With much love, Leo"). The football was signed 'Leo.'"

Murtaza was "very happy" and is now asking his family to "only call him Messi," according to his 15-year-old brother Hamayon Ahmadi.

Hamayon told ABC News today he was the one who took the viral photos of his little brother in the plastic bag Messi jersey. He explained that his little brother was "crazy" about Messi at the time and kept asking his father for a Messi jersey.

"My father did not have enough money to buy it," Hamayon said, adding that his father didn't make much as a farmer. "So one day, I just made a jersey from a plastic bag."

Hamayon said soccer is just one of the few ways he and his brother "try and stay happy" despite "constant war and violence" in their village.

"Everyday someone is killed by the brutal Taliban," he said. "This is our life, always war and violence."

Hamayon said no one in his family has been hurt, but many of his friends have been killed by the Taliban.

He added that he hopes his little brother's story will help encourage peace in the country.

"I love my homeland," he said. "But how long do we have to tolerate the violence? A peaceful life should be our right."